Benefits of Self-Automating Your Home


Benefits of Self-Automating Your Home

Over the past two years or so, I’ve slowly worked towards completely automating my home. I’m proud to say that I’ve accomplished many feats in this regard, including adopting the ability to control lighting both indoors and outdoors just using my phone or voice. I’d like to think that I’ve made my home pretty advanced, but some of the things tech geeks have mastered in the field of automation are spectacular. Today, I’d like to stress why automation is something you should really look into.

The first piece that is important to point out is that automating your home may not be nearly as expensive as you may estimate. A lot of people likely write off the idea of investing in automation because of the assumption that it is crazy expensive. Many of the widespread smart hubs and gadgets are fairly priced considering how fresh the technology is. Some have also had their prices drop over time due to healthy competition in this thriving area.

Homeowners can buy very effective smart home hubs for prices as low as $50. For those that don’t know, these hubs are essentially a required piece in order to add any smart features to your residence. Many companies who produce automated light switches and outlets are now offering those devices in the $20 range.

But why automate your home in the first place? Good question. My first response is “because it’s cool” and my educated response is this: because automation gives you certain advantages in managing your home and the expenses that come with it all while increasing your security, should that be the direction you choose to take it. Early adopters have used automation abilities to battle the prices on their electrical and air conditioning bills and as a safeguard from potential threats such as flooding and water leaks.

A lot of security companies have started to offer automation abilities to their customers. If you have an existing security system and your company offers to expand it with things like lighting control from your phone, that is something to consider. However, my understanding is that these companies may offer these features with a little more expenses than you would have doing it on your own. Don’t forget you can also build your own home security system through my recommended a la carte automation gadgets.

The ultimate reason why I think self-automation is special is the customization abilities. Security companies that offer these services cannot provide the ultimate level of customization skills that you would have access to if you use your own smart hub. No one knows your home like you do and no one else understands what is best for it. If you have a grasp of your houses shortcomings, if there are any, you can go a long way to correct them through automation.

Stay tuned for much more on this subject. I will provide examples of products to use to get your project started. I’m also preparing some posts on automation ideas that can get your imagination flowing.



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