How many people in NC have a real estate license?

How many people in NC have a real estate license?

by Brian Pate, Realtor/Instructor


The North Carolina Real Estate Commission released data on the number of licensees in the state of NC at the Spring Educators Conference in Cary on Tuesday March 27th.

Current stats reveal that over 92,000 licensees are in North Carolina and approximately 12,000 firms in the state.

The trends since 2007 were a gradual reduction in the number of licensees and that has started to increase since June of 2015.  Expectations are for the number to reach 100,000 before the end of the 2018-19 fiscal year.


The breakdown of those licensees include the status.  There are only two types of licenses in NC, the Broker License and a Firm License.  The Firm License is required for any company that wants to participate in the real estate business.

The Broker License also has multiple status options depending on the experience level of the licensee.  A Provisional Broker is an agent who has not yet completed their remaining education requirements of 90 hours.  A “Full” Broker has completed that 90 hours.  A BIC or “Broker In Charge” has at least 2 years of full time experience and is eligible to manage an office or own/operate his or her own company.

Unfortunately, as the number of licensees grows, the amount of complaints filed with the NC Real Estate Commission. The graph below shows the number of complaints filed.

Still, to have approximately 1,200 complaints filed against 92,000 agents is a low percentage.  It just gives further proof to make sure that you are interviewing your agent to make sure he/she experienced to handle your transaction.  Just because an agent has a significant amount of production doesn’t mean he is the best agent to sell your home.

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