Marquee Cinemas of Wakefield Undergoing Refurbishment in Time For Holiday 2017

Marquee Cinemas of Wakefield Undergoing Refurbishment In Time For Holiday 2017

While Hollywood is currently stricken with a phase of remakes and franchise resurrections, Marquee Cinemas is undergoing its own form of a reboot. Nestled in the Wakefield Commons shopping center, the local theater is without a doubt the first option for Wake Forest-area residents looking to kick back and absorb some high octane visual experiences. Marquee Cinemas 12 utilizes an intentional throwback design that tricked residents into thinking it was built in the 1970s and just left as it is for years. While many people enjoy the pre-21st Century atmosphere, the owners decided it was time to freshen up the experience.

Random point: Marquee Cinemas 12 has some of the best popcorn you can find in Raleigh. Carry on.

As you read this blog post, the left half of the cinema is closed and undergoing updates. Once the left side is complete, the right side will surely receive the same improvements.

So, what improvements are coming, exactly? Quite a few, actually. For one, each theater will receive the highly coveted recliner seats. These seats provide the viewer with supreme comfort and full control of the recline. A few theaters in the Raleigh area have started popping up with these types of seats. The caveat is that less people will be able to fit in a theater, given the space these seats consume. To some people, like myself, that can be a good thing. I’d expect other technology improvements as well.

The updated cinema will also feature major design improvements in the lobby and throughout the hallways. You can see some of these changes in the concept art pictures below. Marquee will still have the throwback style, but it is a bit more contemporary at the same time. Overall, I really like the way it looks.

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